Our story
Redefining how equity works in a Web3 world
David and AJ Taylor founded etherfuse with the mission to enable the communities that create value to capture that growth. Proven computer science and software engineering leaders with 20+ years of combined experience building large-scale bleeding-edge technologies with the world's best engineers.

Mission & Vision

A core value proposition of the blockchain is that it is a trustless, decentralized protocol. No central governing body should influence the transactions of two individual parties.
Much effort has gone into ensuring the decentralization of a blockchain, its architecture, ownership, and value exchange. There is still a lack of access to safe investments on the blockchain.
Our mission is to improve access to safe investments by lowering the barrier to owning and leveraging safe real-world assets.
October 2023
Mexican Stablebonds
Feb 2024
US Stablebonds
April 2024
Blockchain Banking
EU Stablebonds
May 2024
vNFT Launch
July 2023
Liquidity Providers
Jan 2025
Public Crypto Brokerage
Jan 2026
Sovereign Coins

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Our Team

David Taylor
CEO and Co-founder
AJ Taylor
CTO and Co-founder